Kindergarten Judaics Assistant Teacher

Rockland Jewish Academy, an independent community Jewish day school in West Nyack, NY, is looking for an experienced, caring and creative kindergarten Judaics assistant teacher. RJA provides children from early childhood through grade 5 a superior education focused on 21st century skills in a safe and nurturing setting. Our innovative and enriched curriculum integrates with our strong Judaic foundations of second language acquisition, morals and values to create a stimulating learning environment that celebrates each of our students' talents and gifts.
This excellent career opportunity is perfect for energetic and enthusiastic specialists in elementary education who have a passion for enriching the lives of children. In this position, the ideal candidate will:
Be fluent in Hebrew and possess strong Judaic knowledge
Create and maintain an engaging classroom environment, using innovative approaches
Participate in and embrace professional development opportunities
Develop and maintain strong relationships with our families and faculty
Possess a positive and upbeat attitude while working in a fast-paced environment
Have highly effective organizational, time management, and multitasking skills
Be a flexible and collaborative team player
Have a deep love for children and a strong commitment to education
Bachelor of Arts preferred.
Experience in working with young children

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